After an arrest, the last thing you want to do is wait around for your release. If you find yourself in trouble with the law in Coeur d' Alene , Idaho, our bondsmen are available around the clock for your emergency services. We offer fast services that will have you back home within 24 hours. No bond is too large or too small, and we perform the following with all Idaho traffic, county, state, and federal courts.

Our Credentials

Allied Bail Bonds and all its employees are licensed by the Idaho Department of Insurance. We began operation in the 1980's, incorporating in 1998.

The Procedure

Obtaining a bail more often than not requires putting up no security when executing a Promise to Pay tied to thebail-image4-500 underlying bond amounts required at the jail. A one page Application and a one page Contract is also standard. In order to provide quick bonding in a reliable fashion, our helpful agents are always available by phone or fax. We even accept collect calls, and our knowledgeable staff is qualified to offer free bail advice to help you understand your rights and responsibilities in order to make an informed choice.